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Gratitude for the Moisture

Spring has sprung in California. The rains of winter have brought the greens and florals to life here. After so many parched and dry years my Cecile Brunner rose bush (more like a tree at 100 years old) otherwise known as Rosie, has come back to life in a robust and scented fashion. Between her […]

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An Interview with Gary Strauss

Printed by Massage Magazine, March 2011 This is an interview with Gary Strauss who has been working in the energetic healing arts for the past 30 years. He teaches around the world and has a unique form of cranial-sacral bodywork called Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding™ (ICSU). He is the founder of Life Energy Institute, also know […]

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Integrated Polarity Therapy

In the spirit of Dr. Randolph Stone  I lay the words down that have been fed to me through the channel he has inspired. As a seeker of truth, evolution and dimensional awareness I recognize something in the universe that has spoken to me that I will share and hand down so that others who […]

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