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Gratitude – North door

Registered Polarity practitioner   I have been training ptactitioners for over 30 years. Year in and year out. It has been a privilege and an honor to have people trust my channel and the knowledge that it transmits. It has been a work to spend years in training and mentoring with students and teachers to […]

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Establishing Neutrality

The age old Buddhist saying that life is suffering isn’t far off. F. Scott Peck said that life was full of challenges, and that with discipline, we could meet the moment and solve them. I had a teacher named John Beaulieu who said that life is a process of meeting the challenges to evolve our […]

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Integrity, Intentionality, and Presence

Just entering into the year of the horse – feels like a strong year, most ambitious in recent time.  I have four Registered Polarity Practitioner programs that I am involved with at the same time,  Japan, New York, Los Angeles and Arizona. I was just in Japan, learning humility and mentoring RPP’s to maturity. I […]

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Touched by Humanity

I am having a moment – for me to travel to Japan is a journey. To get here is quite a challenge over time and through my body. I often have resistance to going and getting here. It feels like I am doing the Hero’s journey just to come. With all my traveling, the truth […]

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Coming home to Japan

I arrived at the Kobe airport in early morning on the 2nd of May.  As I reunited with Kyoko, my longtime friend and Japanese emissary, I felt like I was coming home.  So strange to feel so much home here after all these years.  I felt embraced by the land, mountain and sea like a […]

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Be the Action of your Intent

Be the action of your intent and then be open to finding it.  Life is meant to be a creative experience –  spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. I say this all the time, that “I heard spirit talking the other day”, and usually what I mean is that I was in a state of […]

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