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Gifts and Blessings

Gifts and blessings – that is what I heard the other day in my meditation – gifts and blessings. I know it is not always fun on the Earth plane and it sometimes feels cruel and unusual.  In the Kahuna way, they have a tradition where they say yes to everything that comes their way. […]

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Blue Moon Contemplation

On the beach in the morning, the water was exceptionally glistening in the early sunlit moments of the blue moon descending. I remembered living under the mentorship of Aristotle and how contemplation was the art that opened the doorways to the dimensions of life.  The environment softened my senses enough to open my consciousness, as […]

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Good words from Japan

Mist and fog coat the Nihonjin mountain landscape and Zen permeates every moment.  I am totally blessed to be able to live this life and have the opportunity to serve like this. Spirit warms my heart and people innocently awaken my humanity.  Japan offers a broadening breath to my already full life – all my […]

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Don’t get lost in other people’s dreams

I have a habit of finding my meditation in the deep purple of night, a throwback from waking at three a.m. for morning meditation. I had a strong conversation with Spirit about taking back my medicine from places that I had left it.  It was a very potent listening and journeying – I am sure […]

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New Beginnings

I think new beginnings are a good way to look at our lives. Every day, every moment we get up and start all over again.  Literally everything we do even, if we have done it before, is new and fresh in that moment if we find what the Buddhists call beginner’s mind.  BM is a […]

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