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Touched by Humanity

I am having a moment – for me to travel to Japan is a journey. To get here is quite a challenge over time and through my body. I often have resistance to going and getting here. It feels like I am doing the Hero’s journey just to come. With all my traveling, the truth […]

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Coming home to Japan

I arrived at the Kobe airport in early morning on the 2nd of May.  As I reunited with Kyoko, my longtime friend and Japanese emissary, I felt like I was coming home.  So strange to feel so much home here after all these years.  I felt embraced by the land, mountain and sea like a […]

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Be the Action of your Intent

Be the action of your intent and then be open to finding it.  Life is meant to be a creative experience –  spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. I say this all the time, that “I heard spirit talking the other day”, and usually what I mean is that I was in a state of […]

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Gifts and Blessings

Gifts and blessings – that is what I heard the other day in my meditation – gifts and blessings. I know it is not always fun on the Earth plane and it sometimes feels cruel and unusual.  In the Kahuna way, they have a tradition where they say yes to everything that comes their way. […]

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Blue Moon Contemplation

On the beach in the morning, the water was exceptionally glistening in the early sunlit moments of the blue moon descending. I remembered living under the mentorship of Aristotle and how contemplation was the art that opened the doorways to the dimensions of life.  The environment softened my senses enough to open my consciousness, as […]

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