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Don’t get lost in other people’s dreams

I have a habit of finding my meditation in the deep purple of night, a throwback from waking at three a.m. for morning meditation. I had a strong conversation with Spirit about taking back my medicine from places that I had left it.  It was a very potent listening and journeying – I am sure […]

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New Beginnings

I think new beginnings are a good way to look at our lives. Every day, every moment we get up and start all over again.  Literally everything we do even, if we have done it before, is new and fresh in that moment if we find what the Buddhists call beginner’s mind.  BM is a […]

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Potency – Contemplations

Challenging to just live let alone live a good and integruous way. I just taught a wonderful three day class on holding Space and communications. How to do nothing or very little with intelligence and help people to process according to how they really need to. It is challenging to know how anyone including ourselves […]

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Arizona chop wood carry water

I was sharing in a class how traveling has given me the opportunity to live my vision of the work that I do. I was also sharing that every time I go somewhere it becomes a journey/event that moves my life. I am sure I came from Nomadic origins – I love the feeling of […]

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Early morning Zen

Back in Topanga woke to the early morning sun gently piercing through a field of fog. Back from japan two weeks still not back – even as I walk the dogs this morning in gratitude for where I am and all that I have Japanese healing guides whisper to me through a zen filter of […]

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I am a visitor

From May 28th I am a guest in someone else’s land a visitor taken in warmly with respect and consciousness – in fact revered, held in esteem and honored for who I am and what I bring. I am continually touched by the heartfelt kindness. I feel as though I have connected with something that […]

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