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Holding Space for Japan

I hope all is well in your worlds and for those of you who have been holding space for friends, family and situations on the planet, I thought I would share a little of what I have been doing. These are the most creative of times and the opportunities to be potently expressive seem more […]

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Graduate School for Life

Teacher Training is Graduate School for Life. I heard myself expressing this the other day and thought other people needed to hear it. In the world I live in being a teacher is one of the highest things you can do. Serving other people with the intention of uplifting or helping them evolve is high […]

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An Honorable Life

For me Polarity is an ongoing journey that feeds my way of life. It inspires me to be a better human being by living my life in alignment with Life Energy principles. Dr. Stone was a seeker of truth in his pursuit of finding the truth for helping people. He has left us a lineage […]

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The North Door

Trying to find the North Door where you take the time to appreciate where you have been, with who you have been and how you have been. The theme for this last year now turning into this period is reflection. Whenever i think that i feel right – what a great feeling and moment. I […]

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Another Day, Another Chapter

Lately I have been contemplating the journey of healing that my clients and students go through. I usually describe the process as  phenomenological.  As the energy of the work we do begins to be released into the system of the body-mind and the world around that system, it necessitates life change and often disruption.  Going […]

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Giving Thanks to NYC

I have had the unique privilege of training and working with Holding Space Polarity and Cranial Therapies here for the last thirty years and I am deeply grateful. It touches me deeply to be able to continue this journey and find people that are hungry and in need of what I have to offer.  Thank […]

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