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Giving Thanks to NYC

I have had the unique privilege of training and working with Holding Space Polarity and Cranial Therapies here for the last thirty years and I am deeply grateful. It touches me deeply to be able to continue this journey and find people that are hungry and in need of what I have to offer.  Thank […]

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Thank You Dr. Stone

After 30 years of working with Life Energy with people I am continually amazed and awed by how touching this  work is and continues to be.  One would think that after so long of doing similar things that it might become old.  On the contrary, when I am not doing sessions I miss it. The […]

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Reflections on the Road

I am on the road in AZ, my home away from home, and I often contemplate how I got to this place of being a traveling, teaching, practitioning source of energy based being. I remember my early sadhana of visioning about my life and work and how I saw myself traveling, teaching, and helping wherever […]

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Restoring dimensions

We have become very focused on the two dimensional plane – I make something you buy it, I use the money to get something I need and maybe I go to church on Sunday if it fits in my schedule of making things for you. We have lost a quality of spaciousness, free time, openness, […]

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Integrated Polarity Therapy

In the spirit of Dr. Randolph Stone  I lay the words down that have been fed to me through the channel he has inspired. As a seeker of truth, evolution and dimensional awareness I recognize something in the universe that has spoken to me that I will share and hand down so that others who […]

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