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New York Classes

Polarity Therapy & Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding™ in New York City

Under the direction of Gary Strauss, our Founder and Director, LEI is offering the Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding™ Training in NYC through the New York Open Center.

Gary is offering a unique, integrated approach to Cranial and Polarity that offers students a multi-dimensional view of energy, health, integrity, and the ultimate journey of the soul’s expression through the medium of our lives.  This training program will empower the practitioner with a broad perspective and integrated skills in the energetic arts.

To complete the Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding™ practitioner training in NYC, please see the complete list of  classes, dates and registration details listed below.  These classes are open to everyone and do not need to be taken in sequential order but it is recommended to begin with Polarity Immersion or Craniosacral Unwinding 1, unless the practitioner has prior experience.

To go the the NY Open Center website, Click Here.

2019-2020 New York City Classes

Free Intro:
Cranial Unwinding 1
October1620197:00pm1 hrStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Cranial Unwinding 1October 17 & 1820199:30 - 6:30 16 hrsStraussNY Open Center Register Here
Clinical Energetics & Client Communication October1920199:30 - 6:30pm8 hrsStrauss PCOMRegister Here
ClinicOctober20, 21 & 2220199:30 -6:30pm24 hrsStrauss2B StudiosRegister Here
Free Into: Elements - Language of the ChakrasFebruary1220207:00pm1 hrStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Elements: Language of the ChakrasFebruary13-16202010:00am-5:30pm28 hrsStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Communication, Resonance & Relations IIFebruary20-2320209:30am-6:30pm32 hrsStrauss2B StudiosRegister Here
Free Intro:
Polarity Immersion
May1420207:00pm1 hrStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Polarity ImmersionMay1520209:30am-5:30pm8 hrsStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Advanced Elements & Advanced Supervision IIMay16 & 1720209:30am-5:30pm16 hrsStrauss2B StudiosRegister Here
Free Intro:
Cranial Unwinding 2
May1920207:00pm1 hrStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Cranial Unwinding 2May21 & 2220209:30am-5:30pm16 hrsStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Practicum IMay23 & 2420209:00am-7:00pm18 hrs.Strauss2B StudiosRegister Here
Practicum IIJuly10-1220209:00am-7:00pm27 hrsStrauss2B StudiosRegister Here
Free Intro: Holding SpaceJuly1620207:00pm1 hrStruassNY Open CenterRegister Here
Holding SpaceJuly18 & 19202010:00am-6:00pm16 hrsStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Free Into:
Polarity 1
October1520207:00pm1 hrStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Polarity 1October1620209:30am-5:30pm8 hrsStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Clinical EnergeticsOctober 1720209:30am-6:30pm8 hrsStraussPCOMRegister Here
Free Intro:
Cranial Unwinding 3
October2020207:00pm1 hrStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Cranial Unwinding 3October22 & 2320209:30am-6:30pm16 hrsStraussNY Open CenterRegister Here
Polarity ExerciseOctober24 & 2520209:30am-6:30pm16 hrsStrauss2B StudiosRegister Here

New York Registered Polarity Practitioner Program

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