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Arizona Classes

Polarity Therapy & Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding™

in Tempe, Arizona
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA)

Under the direction of Gary Strauss, our Director and Founder, LEI offers one of the largest Polarity and Craniosacral Programs in the country at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, AZ.

Gary teaches many of the classes himself, and is assisted by his community of teachers and teacher trainees.

Hundreds of students come through these programs each year and many students follow Gary home to Los Angeles to continue their education with him in his Teacher Training and Mentoring Program. Click the links below for more info.

Click Here for the APP program in Arizona

Click Here for the RPP program in Arizona

Click Here for the CranioSacral Unwinding program in Arizona

Arizona Schedule 2018

Cranial 3Jan1/25 - 1/279am - 6 pmStraussSWIHA, Tempe, AZ
Cranial 1Feb1-39pm-6pmSandersSWIHA, Tempe AZ
PracticumFeb2/9-2/10 & 2/16-2/179am-5:30pmDraperSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Cranial 1Feb/Mar2/27 - 3/139am-1pmKearnSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Polarity 2Feb/Mar2/22-24 & 3/1-3/39am-6pmYohiSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Business & Ethics FREE INTROMay 2TBDStraussOnline
Business & EthicsMay/June/July/Sep/Oct/Nov5/9, 6/6, 6/20, 7/11, 7/25, 8/8, 8/22, 9/19, 10/3, 10/17, 11/75pm-8pmStraussOnline
Cranial I May7-21 (3x Mon, 2x Wed)9am-1pmPinkleySWIHA, Tempe AZ
APP/ICSU PracticumMay12-13, 19-209am-530pmDraperSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Cranial II May18-209am-6pmJohnsonSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Cranial Anatomy & Listening IJune9-109am-6pmStraussSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Polarity IJune15-176pm-10pm, Fri
9am-6pm, Sat/Sun
YoheSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Spinal BalancingJune 22-249am-6pmArenaSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Cranial I July6-89am-6pmKearnSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Cranial IIIJuly13-159am-6pmStraussSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Trance CounselingJuly27-299am-6pmPrincipeSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Polarity IIJuly20-22, 27-299am-6pmGriffithsSWIHA, Tempe AZ
5 & 6 Point StarJuly19-229am-6pmPrincipeSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Communications, Resonance & Relations I August9-129am-6pmKearnSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Polarity Thai Yoga IIAugust17-196pm-10pm, Fri
9am-6pm, Sat/Sun
FraboniSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Polarity ReflexologySeptember7-96pm-10pm, Fri
9am-6pm, Sat/Sun
YoheSWIHA, Tempe AZ
RPP PracticumSeptember11-139am-7pmStraussSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Cranial IVSeptember14-169am-6pmStraussSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Polarity ISeptember22-239am-6pmStraussSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Advanced ElementsSeptember 27-309am-6pmFraboniSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Cranial IIOctober26-289am-6pmJohnsonSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Polarity IIOctober19-21, 26-289am-6pmKearnSWIHA, Tempe AZ
APP/ICSU PractiumOctober/November27-28, 3-49am-6pmDraperSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Communications, Resonance & Relations I November8-119am-6pmYoheSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Spinal BalancingNovember/December30, 1-29am-6pmArenaSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Polarity ReflexologyNovember/December30, 1-26pm-10pm, Fri
9am-6pm, Sat/Sun
YoheSWIHA, Tempe AZ
Cranial Anatomy & Listening IDecember 8-99am-6pmJohnsonSWIHA, Tempe AZ