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  • Aroma Yoga® Guide – now available on Kindle!


    The 4th Edition of Aroma Yoga® is here and now available on Kindle! Click here to purchase on Amazon As Aroma Yoga® has been evolving, we are continually looking for ways to make a great thing even better! Included in the new fourth edition of Aroma Yoga® there are partnering exercises for; the spine, the […]

  • Advanced Supervision – May 20 & 21, 2019


    Go deeper in your energetic practice to help your clients and you to focus and resolve the energy issues that live in your body life and field. This course is the beginning of advanced clinical thinking as it applies to the energy medicine paradigm of Polarity and Dr. Stone’s work of more than 60 years.

  • Clinic – October 20 – 22, 2019


    In this class students will have the opportunity to do an entire session on a client they do not know and to receive reflection and feedback from their instructor and peers.  Each practitioner is encourage to embrace personal strengths and to meet challenges that unfold during an actual session that is witnessed by others.

  • Communication, Resonance & Relations 1 – July 11-14, 2019


    This course teaches you how to pace your clients, following their journey where it needs to go and integrate body-based healing with life healing.   A profound accompaniment to all deep body work.

  • Energetic Nutrition & Advanced Protocols – May 18 & 19


    Learn to work with the energetic elemental components of food and how our bodies process them.   Explore Dr. Stone’s energetic digestive bodywork protocols to clear the charges and resistances to a new vital you. Vitality balancing.      

  • UZIT CPR-First Aid Training, Los Angeles


    Take this required First Aid and CPR class for the UZIT Accelerated Training program, and get the hands-on training you need to help during emergencies. Be prepared and feel comfortable with your clients. This training course is taught by experts in an intimate setting and will help ensure that you’ll have time to ask questions and […]

  • UZIT Silent Retreat in Ojai


    UZIT Silent Retreat in Ojai Friday – Sunday, July 26th – 28th We have a very special and sacred time planned for you on our UZIT Silent Retreat. A weekend to meditate, unwind and rejuvenate in beautiful Ojai.  We know that participating in the UZIT program is a substantial commitment and this part of the […]

  • Radiant Business ONLINE 2019


    Managing the financial aspects of your Polarity practice and understanding professional ethics are the cornerstones of a balanced and successful practice. This class is to empower, prepare and motivate you to become successful financially, emotionally, consciously and spiritually. It will strengthen your business and boundary skills, honoring your work in life. This class is held […]

  • Evaluation -ONLINE November 2019


    This class helps students integrate their polarity and craniosacral skills to create balanced sessions, time management skills and appropriate boundaries. The class also helps prepare students to begins their practice. It focuses on integrating verbal and non-verbal techniques and helps the student learn to focus on the issue and to get to the point with […]

  • Retreat at Mount Daisen, Japan: May 2nd – 8th


    Retreat to Japan’s peaceful countryside and study advanced craniosacral therapy with Gary.   This seven day retreat includes a seven day advanced craniosacral unwinding workshop, transportation in and around Mt. Daisen and lodging at the most beautiful and welcoming Buddhist temple guest house Sanrakusou: 宿坊  観証院 ⼭山楽荘

  • UZIT Early Bird Payment


     Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program Early Bird Payment To complete your Early Bird Payment (Tier 2) of $3,750, $500 must be paid to Yogaworks and the remaining $3250 to the Life Energy Institute November 1st – December 31st, 2018. Follow this link to go to the Yoga Works website for Early Bird Payment.  Complete this […]

  • UZIT Full Payment


     Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program Full Payment To complete your payment of $3,950, $575 must be paid to Yogaworks and the remaining $3,375 to the Life Energy Institute by February 15th, 2019. Follow this link to go to the Yoga Works website payment.  Complete this product purchase to pay $3,375 to the Life Energy Institute. […]