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Nicola Dunne

nicolaNicola Dunne has been teaching yoga for about 18 years.  She received her first training from Lisa Walford and Maty Erzaty at Yogaworks in 1998 and has continued to study with many others over the years.  In 2001 she became a Pilates instructor and incorporates it into her yoga classes. She continued her training with the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy in Los Angeles and conituned to New York for more advanced training with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee.  She currently teaches Urban Zen classes at Yogaworks and volunteers at the Venice Family Clinic and House at UCLA. Her personal experience with back disc problems and breast cancer have taught her about compassion and empathy when caring for others, and in teaching and everyday life. She is dedicated to helping others and staying close to those she loves, including her higher source.